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LEGO Heroes

We have begun our amazing journey within our project #Legoheroes. The mobility of youth workers is taking place in #Murzasichle #Poland between 16th and 22nd of November.

The main idea of the training course is to equip youth educators with innovative tools, to show practically how to use it and apply it in youth work and solve youth problems. Thus we want to help young people to be aware (through educators as stakeholders) of own creative potential and be able to use it in achieving own goals.

For this purpose, we have designed a programme which will lead improved and developed creative confidence - step by step.

Please stay tuned and follow our fanpage: for more information.

The project is co-funded by the #europeancommission within the programme #ErasmusPlus

#lego #fundacjamłodzidlaeuropy #ErasmusPlus

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