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A path to self-care

Hey! We want to share some highlights from a training where we were partners in!

A Path to Self Care" training, where we were involved as partners, addressed the issue of stress among youth workers and focused on development of their well-being in order to address the quality of educational activities they organise. The training course gathered 26 practitioners from 8 countries ( Austria, Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) in the picturesque village of Tauchen in Austria on 08-16 November 2023.

During the training course,participants got to know more about the nature of stress and how it affects the youth work they do as well as reflected on the consequences of stress in their personal and professional life. They had the chance to try out and practice various tools for stress management and mental health ( mindfulness tools, artistic tools, time-management tools) as well as developed their own educational workshops on topics related to mental health and well-being.

Moreover, after coming back home, participants organised follow-up activities. - workshops in their local communities addressing the issue of stress and practicing tools for self care and mental health.

We hope to be involved in more meaningful activities like this!

Big thanks to host:

@bwec_at   and Generation Europa 

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