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Facilitation-Adaptation-Collaboration-Equality let's begin

We have began with our second part of LTTC "Facilitation-Adaptation-Collaboration-Equality", which is created by youth workers and educators, from both Western and Eastern European countries.

During couple of days that participants will work together in Poland, we are going:

• sharing and evaluating the results from the local phase

• reflecting on the ways innovative approaches in facilitation could foster more inclusive learning process for young people with fewer opportunities

• learning about drama and improvisation as one of the creative methodologies in facilitation

• exploring visual methods and tools available for visual facilitation, testing them

• learning about Lego Serious Play as a methodology in facilitation

• getting to know digital tools for facilitation and their opportunities

• exploring outdoor activities and reflecting on the added value they could bring

• reflecting on benefits and limitations of various methodologies in facilitation

• preparing the publication with the innovative approaches to facilitation

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