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Facilitation-Adaptation-Collaboration-Equality Let's begin!

We have began with our LTTC "Facilitation-Adaptation-Collaboration-Equality", which is created by 26 youth workers and educators, from both Western and Eastern European countries.

The first part of our training focuses on general aspects of facilitation, diverse techniques and communication models.

During couple of days that participants will work together in Poland, we are going:

• to discover what is facilitation and what is not; what is a facilitation in inclusive youth work • to share different practices of facilitation in youth work, • to build facilitation skills through developing communication skills and learning how to use different facilitation technique and models • training ability to ask powerful questions, track, gather and balance the ideas coming from the group. • reflecting on the peculiarities of intercultural facilitation • reflecting on facilitator competences framework • developing debriefing skills.

Please stay tuned and keep checking our fanpage for further updates! The project is funded by the #Erasmusplus programme.

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