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To the roots

Training course "To the roots", took place between 16th and 23rd of June 2021, in Murzasichle/ Poland.

The main aim of this TC was to train youth workers on how to use outdoor education for addressing current challenges of nowadays and building so called soft competences and skills, such as respect, efficient communication, tolerance and understanding, non-judgment approach, ability to work in teams and critical thinking.

All those competences were leading to active citizenship, developed culture of peace in the societies and better chances for young people in labor market

Specific objectives of our TC were interconnected with:

-discovering outdoor and experiential learning, their historical perspective, principles and models

-giving the participants an opportunity to directly experience various outdoor methods and techniques and reflect on ways of incorporating these methods and techniques into their daily youth work with young people including young people with fewer opportunities, young people from marginalized background, radicalized youth or with refugees

-raising understanding of the participants on outdoor methods and techniques in relation with active youth participation and encourage the participants to apply outdoor based learning in their practices

The project was funded by the #Erasmusplus programme.

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