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Time To Act

We want to share once again about the amazing youth exchange "Time To Act" which we have organised together with @teisfoundation and Jus Gentium in Martinique island, France.

During the project, young people have focused on climate change and the consequesnces it has ( especially on overseas territories) and reflected on the ways we could become more sustainable.

Young people have developed and implemented a very interesting program, focusing on different aspects of the topic.

We have made blogposts and news reports about current situation with sustainability in our countries, measured our ecological footprint, reflected on individual actions we could take, reflected on the impact of fast fashion and participated in tie -dye workshop, made creative projects on how STEAM professions could help with SDGs and not only!

During the cleaning campaign loads of trash were taken out from the ocean and the neighbourhood of Sainte Luce and with the flashmob we organised in Fort De France we tried to adress the issue with local community of the island.

It was a week to remember for all of us!

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