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Roles We Play TC1

"Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to kindly and warmly welcome You in the Malomkert hotel! We have been expecting you for quite some time and we are pleased to know you managed to join us in this endeavor.

The weather forecast is quite unfortunate for the coming hours, luckily You managed to arrive before the storm hits.

As usual, the evening tea is expected to be on time, Madam Nora will host us in the adjourning room. Let’s use this ceremony as an opportunity to get to know each other a bit better...."

Let's imagine that we were moved to 1930s' and we have an amazing and unique opportunity to create an inclusive and peaceful the meantime the Chief Inspector Mr. Moris Broun is taking care of the investigation of the murder which has suddenly happened in the premises of the hotel....

Our project "Roles we Play" is the strategic partnership in the field of youth, supported and co-funded by the European Union. Created in the partnership of 5 international organizations from: Poland @Fundacja Młodzi dla Europy, Czechia KURO Hradec Králové z.s. , Germany CGE Culture Goes Europe - Soziokulturelle Initiative Erfurt... , Hungary TE IS Foundation and Austria Generation Europa

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